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VIVA Cruises is German-based company offers the ultimate European river cruises, sailing through stunning destinations along the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, and more.

To make your journey even more memorable, VIVA Cruises boasts a modern fleet of ships with onboard amenities such as dining, entertainment, and excellent service.

Our team with the help of our partners in Grow Agency had the pleasure of redesigning their website. Our mission was to understand the habits and buying process of VIVA Cruises’ target audience, as well as their aesthetic preferences. The client wanted a website that was as modern and useful as their ships and we were up for the challenge!

Our process comprises several steps to deliver best results.

Step 1: Strategic Workshop and Research
Step 2: Mapping the User Journey
Step 3: Prototype
Step 4: Moodboarding
Step 5: Key Visual
Step 6: UI Design
Step 7: Development and Launch


Our process starts with a strategic workshop where we immerse ourselves in our client’s business and gather insights about their brand, target audience, competitors, and opportunities. We spend two days collecting information that will guide us in creating an effective website. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our team held workshop with the client via digital channels. 

We worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the website reflected the spirit and beauty of VIVA Cruises.





Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s business goals and their customers’ needs, we start mapping the user journey. We identify the paths and actions that users will take on the website and ensure that the design is user-friendly and intuitive.


Prototyping is a critical step in our web design process. It allows us to test and validate our ideas and concepts before investing in development. By creating wireframes and prototypes, we can ensure that the website structure, content, and user experience meet our client’s requirements and goals.

UX wireframes utilization is crucial aspect for our process. They can save significant amounts of time and resources for our client, while ensuring a seamless and effective user experience for their customers.




Visual design is essential in creating a website that stands out and connects with the target audience. We create a mood board, which serves as a visual reference for the design direction. We also ensure that the design aligns with the client’s brand identity and offers something new and fresh.




Before designing the final layouts, we create a library of user interface elements, graphics, typography, colors, and icons. This library helps us maintain consistency throughout the design process and ensure that the website looks cohesive and polished.




Once we have all the necessary design assets, we start designing the website. We carefully consider how the design will work across all devices, ensuring that it is accessible and user-friendly.


GROW development team then brings the design to life. We test all features thoroughly and make necessary changes to ensure that the website is fully functional and performs optimally. Finally, we launch the website, making it live on the internet.

In conclusion, our web design process ensures that we deliver a website that meets our client’s business goals and their customers’ needs. We use research, strategy, prototyping, and design to create a website that stands out and connects with the target audience. 





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