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Sweat & Glow
Studio 21'

Sweat & Glow Studio was created in 2019 with the goal of promoting a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. This boutique event series takes place periodically at Mysia 3 in Warsaw.

These events are tailored to women who value conscious living, attention to detail, and high quality, as well as prioritize their well-being and taste. The concept was created by three women for whom the philosophy of WELLNESS is a way of life, and whose travels inspire them to bring metropolitan trends to Warsaw.

The classes are led by Katarzyna Wolska @catarinaapolonia , a Nike Master Trainer and personal trainer, who graduated from the General Ballet School in Warsaw. She is the creator of the Power Combo training program, which is based on functional training and improves overall physical fitness by developing all motor skills. In addition to her training work, Katarzyna also prepares combat sports athletes, works as a film stunt performer in her free time, acts at the Syrena Theater and practices boxing, Muay Thai and yoga.


Every edition of Sweat & Glow Studio is unique, with each event drawing inspiration from different themes and locations. The first edition was inspired by the serene beaches, lush nature, and vibrant culture of Bali, while the 2021 edition is all about the dynamic energy and style of the big city.




Sweat and Glow Studio events offer a unique opportunity for collaboration with various brands. Through these collaborations, an exciting range of products is created, exclusively available to event participants.

These exclusive products are included in the event’s goody bag, providing participants with a personalized take-home experience. For those who are unable to attend the events, the products can be purchased through the online store, offering the opportunity to continue the Sweat and Glow Studio experience at home.



Sweat and Glow Studio’s biggest collaboration to date was with PROSTO, an iconic Polish streetwear brand. They created a comprehensive line of fitness clothing and accessories exclusively designed for women, further enhancing the studio’s commitment to promoting health and wellness in style.






All events of the Sweat and Glow Studio were held at the MYSIA 3, boutique department store nestled in the heart of Warsaw. The choice of this venue was not only strategic but also deliberate, as the minimalistic loft space provided the perfect backdrop for creating a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.

The ambiance was further enhanced by the warm orange light that pervaded the entire space, creating a soothing and calming effect on the attendees. Moreover, the walls were adorned with dynamic visual animations that added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the entire experience.












Sweat & Glow Studio is the result of a collaboration between three women: Katarzyna Wolska, a highly experienced personal trainer, and the dynamic duo of Patrycja Jaskólska and Kamila Mroczkowska, successful serial entrepreneurs who have created brands such as Regina Bar, MOD, and MOD donuts. Together, they have combined their expertise to create a truly unique wellness experience that promotes balance, mindfulness, and healthy living.






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